Jeremy Powers took the double win in Lousiville, Kentucky; netting him wins in the last 3 out of 4 editions of the USGP Derby City Cup. Battling head to head w/ Ryan Trebon on Saturday and then Todd Wells on Sunday made for an exciting weekend dry-run of the site of the 2012 Master’s World Championships and 2013 Cyclocross World Championships.

Zach McDonald rode to a strong 9th place finish on Saturday and was the first U23 finisher, netting him the USGP U23 Series Leader’s Jersey on Sunday after taking the lead over Yannick Eckmann on Saturday, but lost it back to Yannick on Sunday.

Chris Jones returned to the races from brief family vacation following the UCI World Cups to take a strong 8th on Saturday and getting nipped at the line for 4th place on Sunday.

Julie Krasniak finished 22nd on Saturday and did one better on Sunday.

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