The team has a new training equipment partner this year, LeMond Fitness. They make the LeMond Revolution Bike Trainer with its groundbreaking Direct Drive technology. Unlike many systems that push a roller up against the rear wheel for resistance (causing a mushy feel and worn out tires), the LeMond Revolution connects directly to a bike’s drive train, and along with a large fly wheel, provides the kind of progressive resistance that best simulates the feel of a real ride.

As the weather gets worse and worse (and better and better for cyclocross) getting a clean warmup is important. Also as we lose out on daylight, and we all move inside, the ability to be able to switch between any bike you have with minimal setup lowers the barrier between your equipment and your workout, no more squared off rear tires either!

“I’m really impressed w/ my lemond fitness trainer! I own other products that are twice and three times as expensive as these are and I can tell you, this is the best trainer I’ve ever used. As daylight gets more and more scarce a good trainer is so important.” – Jeremy Powers

“This is the first trainer I have ever been able a quality interval workout on. I have always hated riding the trainer until now.” – Chris Jones

“They are super smooth, I can throw my xc bike on them if I want, and they are stable and easy to level. Just ripped some intervals on them last night and it’s definitely a step above doing them on what I’ve done in the past.” – Zach McDonald

We’re very glad to be partnered with LeMond Fitness, providing the tools to help our team compete on the world stage!