What a weekend in Fort Collins, CO! USGP Rounds 3 and 4 did not disappoint, with two days of exciting action. We had the full men’s squad for the first time this season with the return of Chris Jones, recovered from a crash last month at the Tour of Britain.

Day 1 saw temperatures in the low 40s and rain, but that didn’t slow Jeremy Powers from winning the Avid Shorty Ultimate Hole Shot and putting the hammer down, opening up a gap on the field. Mid-race, Ryan Trebon was able to bridge and put in time into Jeremy at 3 laps to go as Jeremy bobbled in the slick conditions. 2 laps to go saw Geoff Kabush come across from the field to battle it out with Jeremy for the 2nd and 3rd steps on the podium. At the end of the day, we saw Jeremy in 3rd, Zach in 11th, and Chris in 21st. “Today was crazy because it was altitude, in conditions that I don’t love. It was not my perfect ideal scenario, and I did the best I could,” Jeremy said reflecting on the sloppy conditions, “I have to be happy with third.” Zach was 2nd on the day in the U23 competition.

Day 2 saw temperatures 10 degrees higher in the low 50s and a welcome lack of rain. Jeremy once again took the Avid Shorty Ultimate Hole Shot. 2nd place finisher from the day before, Geoff Kabush, took the early lead in the first lap as the field started to sort itself out. Chris started things off for the day by putting in a strong attack to get away from the field causing the previous day’s winner, Ryan Trebon, to lead the chase with Jeremy in tow, “[Chris] got a big, big gap and Ryan had to close that down,” said Jeremy. “It’s nice to have a teammate to mess things up.”

By the half way point, it was Trebon and Powers at the front with Kabush chasing not far behind. A group fighting for 4th had formed that included Chris and in the next group behind that was Zach. Jeremy was able to put a gap into Trebon on a section that he was able to ride and Ryan had to run, from there Jeremy quickly opened up a gap. At about the half way point, the lead changed hands as Jeremy bobbled at the top of the course, over the next four laps, Jeremy chased hard eventually making contact entering the last lap of the race. Half way through the last lap, Jeremy makes his move and puts some time into Ryan and is able to come across the line with a comfortable gap.

Chris and Zach roll in 8th and 10th, respectively; Zach was also the top U23 finisher.