On the eve of the U23 World Championships, we catch up with Zach once again who has been over there this past week, contesting the final World Cup series race in Hoogerheide, The Netherlands; finishing 44th on the day. Zach reflects, “I don’t really think for me it mattered how hard the course was. Some days your legs feel good, some days they feel great, and some days they feel terrible. Yesterday was the latter. The course was definitely enjoyable to ride and I had quite a bit of fun warming up and racing with Kaiser. Hopefully next week will go better.” In his second trip to Europe this 2010-2011 Cyclocross season, Zach adds, “I would like to say thanks to everyone who helped me get over here on this trip. All the support this season has been wonderful and without the support and help from my fans, parents, Matt Hill (coach), Rapha-Focus and all of our wonderful sponsors it wouldn’t be possible for me to be over here so I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that they have made possible.”

If anyone out there stumbles upon a picture of Zach airing off the road at Hoogerheide, we would love to see it! Comment, tweet, facebook at us!

Lyne Lamoureux from Podium Insight caught up with Zach today and went over the course, picking lines, and wheelies!

Zach races U23 Worlds Saturday, January 29th at 2pm CET, 8am ET, 5am PT!