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Ride the USGP with Chris Jones

Are you in Portland, OR this weekend for the USGP Stanley Portland Cup races? We are, so if you’re in town, we invite you to join Chris as he previews the USGP course this Friday afternoon. Ride and hear what Chris thinks is in store for us all at this last big weekend of the USGP series at Portland International Raceway.

Meet at 12:30 at the Blue Gardenia Bakery near Rapha North America’s Head Quarters on N. Mississippi Ave. We’ll ride as a group with Chris to PIR and have a look at the weekend’s course.

Friday, December 3rd @ 12:30

Blue Gardenia Bakery
3747 N. Mississippi Ave
Portland, OR (map)

rsvp: jeremy.dunn@rapha.cc

The Latest Journal Entries are Live

Two journal entries went live this week; first, we have the fifth installment of Chris’ journals at VeloNews: Christmas arrives, right on time. Second, we have the latest words of wisdom from Team Rapha FOCUS mechanic, Daimeon Shanks, at Cyclocross Magazine: Pit Etiquette.

This is Chris’ fifth entry with VeloNews:

  1. CrossVegas
  2. Best laid plans
  3. Culinary finds on the cyclocross circuit
  4. A Dry Run
  5. Christmas arrives, right on time

And Daimeon’s seventh entry with Cyclocross Magazine:

  1. Setting Up Those Brakes!
  2. The Power Wash, Quick & Dirty
  3. Weather-Proofing Cables and Housing
  4. Gluing ’Cross Tubulars
  5. Chainrings!
  6. Pit Tools!
  7. Pit Etiquette

Photo: Lyne Lamoureux

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