Chris and Zach continue their podium ways this weekend in Portland, OR as the boys put in their final preparations towards the National Championships next weekend in Bend, OR. Chris and Zach got in the large front group early in the race, with Ryan Trebon and Jeremy Powers. Eventually Chris, Ryan, and Jeremy set off on their own after a 3rd lap attack by Chris which saw him solo and off the front for a lap. Trebon would eventually succumb to a mechanical as Powers laid down the gas leaving Chris solo in second. National Champion, Tim Johnson, had a slow start on the day and a late surge of speed and caught Chris. Chris was able to gap Johnson in the Motocross rhythm section and drive home a second place finish, Chris’ highest placing ever in a UCI C1 race.

Back in the remnants of the chase group, Zach rode hard and dropped the other U23 contenders and fought it out with Powers’ and Johnson’s teammate Jamey Driscoll, beating him at the line for a 6th place finish, and first U23 finisher over U23 National Champion Danny Sumerhill. Chris was also awarded SRAM’s Most Aggressive Rider award

Day 2 of the USGP started similarly, but a dryer and faster course, saw a larger front group form. Chris and Zach were there, but weren’t as lucky when the gaps started to form. Chris rode much of the race solo chasing the front group of five, which saw Powers and Johnson battling for the USGP overall. Chris rolled in alone for a 6th place finish and Zach was pipped at the line by Danny Sumerhill, who took both the last spot in the top 10 and the top spot on the U23 podium.

Chris and Zach both are rolling on some good momentum coming into the National Championships next weekend at the Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR. Hope to see you there!

Photos: David Chiu