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Zach Interviewed at The Bicycle Story

The elusive Zach McDonald was recently interviewed over at the Bicycle Story. Get to know Zach’s beginnings, influences, and aspirations.

A Look at the Rapha FOCUS Team Issue Giro Ionos Helmets

Safety never takes a vacation, and it doesn’t have to with the rock solid and comfortable Team Issue Ionos helmets from Giro. The guys are rolling in style this season with some custom painted lids.

Photos: David Chiu

At The Races: Griffith Park w/ Brian Hodes

Chris and Zach were racing in Los Angeles, CA two weeks ago in Griffith Park for a pair of UCI races part of the Southern California Prestige Series, Brian Hodes was there capturing the action.

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Photo Contest, Week #6, Winner

It should be noted that this is the second time Jessica Heenan (Head Honcho for Mywifeinc Cyclocross Inc) has won the Rapha-FOCUS photo contest. This should go down in the record books to say that she is right there, ready to capture the action at all times. From the sounds of it she is also ready with delicious baked goods for post performance recovery as well and has been keeping our man Jones well fed on the road. Thanks to everyone who participated and keep an eye out for our boys as they compete at the three day Jingle Cross in Iowa City, Iowa next weekend.

Chris’ latest diary on VeloNews

The latest installment of the Chris Jones Diary on VeloNews is live: A Dry Run. This is Chris’ fourth column this cyclocross season with VeloNews:

  1. CrossVegas
  2. Best laid plans
  3. Culinary finds on the cyclocross circuit
  4. A Dry Run

Stay tuned for the next entry!

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